EDUTREX 2017 ⋆ EDUTREX ⋆ Virtual Education and Training Expo

EDUTREX Higher Education EDUTREX Training

EDUTREX - Education and Training Expo is an annual and strategically important event providing an indispensable platform, which will comprehensively showcase Higher Education, Digital Education and Vocational & Occupational Training courses to over 3000 prospective students and affluent visitors spanning over 15 nationalities in Salalah.

EDUTREX will be held in collaboration with relevant authorities, associations and media partners. It is strategically timed to maximize the enrollment of students and reach out to the new batch of aspiring students. This event will provide the participants with increased marketing visibility.

Students are placing more value on pursuing and investing in education and training, to secure better jobs and a growth in their career. Complementing this trend is the backing of the public and private sectors through scholarships, which makes Sultanate of Oman a pivotal hub for student enrollment.

The 3-day exhibition will be an interactive platform for exhibitors to promote their institutions and recruit students for various programs in this emerging market. The event will bring more than 50 local and international prominent accredited universities, colleges and institutes from over 15 countries offering extensive courses. It will be an opportunity to directly network face-to-face with potential students, HR Managers, Government Officials, Corporates, Professionals and many more, making it a significant convergence point.

EDUTREX will enable students looking to pursue their higher education goals, to discuss course options and admission policies, explore campus features, leading to on-the-spot decisions and submission of student applications.


The Khareef


Salalah is famous for its seasonal weather which lasts from July to September, locally known as monsoon or “Khareef”, when it transforms the desert terrain into a lush green landscape, its hills surrounded by white fog, light drizzles to cool the air and creates seasonal waterfalls. Monsoon winds from the Indian subcontinent blow up to southern Arabia and bless the desert with a bounty of rain. The parched beige desert is aglow with green. It is surreal and otherworldly.

Over 6,00,000 visitors attend Khareef festival from around the world